Thursday, June 7, 2012

Stroll in the sunset.

 In My Dreams I am Always Running

sprinting, pass the trees
in pieces of moonlight i can barely see
the leaves bristling against my skin,
wonder if anyone will come stop me

i glanced over my shoulder
i do when im not too sure
only shadows telling me its over
the days when re-tracing can be of a cure

so i sprint harder into the darkness
though i cant like where i am now
i keep repeating in this little slurs
"maybe that path will lead me how"

 i am running not knowing where to
there is no surprise i have been here too,
long it seems it is my home,
too long that i am a stranger again and i dont belong.

I wrote this last year in June.. and I cannot believe how ancient it feels. I read it and I understand how I felt that time. The confusion, running in the dark blindly and hoping to not be even more lost.

I wonder now if things has changed. For a while there I thought it did. Reviewing again I am not exactly sure..

I wish I am reminded constantly how short life is and how temporary this egg shell of a planet is. I wish we are all reminded so that everyone would be happier, and I would be happier because all the little things are just so insignificant. If we could only realize and zoom out of the little details.. then we wouldn't have to keep running.

We could all stroll together, holding hands and watch the sun set ever so slowly.

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